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Perfect gift for any home cook or professional chef! Gift Box Includes:

Taco Seasoning: Sundry Mornings take on a quick dinner staple made from locally sourced ingredients. Recipe for tacos is on the back or use it to make dip, season chicken, etc.

Chili Spice: Another staple seasoning blend with the recipe on the back for a nice pot of chili. Just like all the Sundry Morning Spices, it can be used to season anything you wish.

Cajun Spice: A spice blend of flavors that can be used to make traditional cajun dishes or add a layer of flavor to others. This also makes a nice dip for chips and veggies.

JHC Spice: Playing with the name of the pepper, Jamaican Hot Chocolate, that gives it a kick of Spice. JHC is a cocoa based blend flavored with traditional Jamaican spices. It is a perfect BBQ rub for meats and veggies.

Revenge of J's Ghost: This is the spiciest sauce that Sundry Mornings makes but not so spicy that you will not be able to enjoy what you put it on. Made with a traditional tomato base with a hint of garlic and heated up using Jay's Ghost Scorpion Peppers.

Cherry Time Bomb: Lower on the heat scale but high on the flavor scale. This sauce is made with a tart cherry base (hand picked by Founder Miranda Watson and her family) and seasoned with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. 

Gift Box

Hot Sauce #1
Hot Sauce #2