Mix & Match Box Includes the Following Options:


Choose your Sauce:


Cherry Time Bomb: Lower on the heat scale but high on the flavor scale. This sauce is made with a tart cherry base (hand picked by Founder Miranda Watson and her family) and seasoned with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon. (1)

Purple Tongue: Playing off the name of the, Black Scorpion Tongue, pepper used to give the sauce heat, Sundry Mornings uses beets as a dark base for this sauce. With a lot of organic garlic and other seasonings, this sauce is very rich and spicy making it perfect for almost anything you want to add heat to. (2)

Hot Redhead: Using only locally grown strawberries as the base for this sauce brings out the fruity flavor forward, followed by a kick of spice in the end. Just like Cherry Time Bomb, it can be used on a number of dishes, including desserts. (3)

Revenge of J's Ghost: This is the spiciest sauce that Sundry Mornings makes but not so spicy that you will not be able to enjoy what you put it on. Made with a traditional tomato base with a hint of garlic and heated up using Jay's Ghost Scorpion Peppers. (3)

Smoke of the Bayou: Smoky, spicy and oh so good! It is a combinaton of Bloody the Vampire Slayer and locally grown and smoked chipotle peppers. This deep flavored sauce is a great addition to your meal or snack. (3)


Sample Box Includes:


Taco Seasoning: Sundry Mornings take on a quick dinner staple made from locally sourced ingredients. Recipe for tacos is on the back or use it to make dip, season chicken, etc.

Chili Spice: Another staple seasoning blend with the recipe on the back for a nice pot of chili. Just like all the Sundry Morning Spices, it can be used to season anything you wish.

JHC Spice: Playing with the name of the pepper, Jamaican Hot Chocolate, that gives it a kick of Spice. JHC is a cocoa based blend flavored with traditional Jamaican spices. It is a perfect BBQ rub for meats and veggies.


With Choice of:


Morning Spice: Great combination of savory, sweet and spicy. Using locally roasted coffee, maple sugar and spicy pepper it is perfect for every meal. Use in the morning on oatmeal or in sausage, rub and roast chicken and use in salads or rub it on a good steak for dinner.




Cajun Spice: Perfect for adding an extra punch to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle over fish, steak or chicken. Use in any traditional Cajun recipe. Rub over Portobello mushrooms for a nice spicy mushroom burger!

Mix & Match 2- Sauce with Sample Spice Box

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