Each box will come with an invididual sample bag (which are 100% Biodegradable) of the 5 Original Spice Blends:


Each packet of Taco Mix is good for 1lb of meat or meat substitute. (Recipe on the back of the package)

Ingredients: Cumin, Brown Rice Flour°, Garlic*°, Paprika, Salt, Onion*, Tomato*, Chipotle*, Maple Sugar*, Oregano


Each packet of Chili mix is good for 1lb of meat or 1 pots of Three Bean Chili. (Recipe on the back of the package)

Ingredients: Brown Rice Flour°, Kosher Salt, Cumin, Garlic*°, Onion*, Cocoa Powder, Coriander, Paprika, Chipotle*, Pepper, Maple Sugar*, Oregano, Cinnamon


Morning Spice is a great combination of savory, sweet and spicy. Using locally roasted coffee, maple sugar and spicy pepper it is perfect for every meal. Use in the morning on oatmeal or in sausage, rub and roast chicken and use in salads or rub it on a good steak for dinner.

Ingredients: Rival Brothers Coffee, Maple Sugar*, Kosher Salt, Habanero*


JMC Rub is a spicy, chocolatey BBQ Rub that is perfect for all meats and non meats that you want to add a lot of flavor to. It's simple, just rub on whatever you want to cook, let is sit overnight and cook the next day.

Ingredients: Cocoa Powder, Cane Sugar°, Kosher Salt, Pure Chocolate, Oregano, Nutmeg, Cumin, Ginger, Cinnamon, Chili Powder*


This Cajun Spice is perfect for adding an extra punch to a variety of dishes. Sprinkle over fish, steak or chicken. Use in any traditional Cajun recipe. Rub over Portobello mushrooms for a nice spicy mushroom burger!

Ingredients: Paprika, Kosher Salt, Garlic*°, Brown Rice Flour°, Onion*, Cayenne*, Pepper, Thyme, Basil


PA Grown:* Organic:°

Original Spice Sample Box